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About Brooke and Company

 Brooke Underbrink

Brooke Underbrink is a Professional Dance Instructor and Registered Nurse who for more than 20 years has taught thousands of people the fun and joy of Line Dancing. With a background in public relations, healthcare, and guest ranch and resort management, Brooke brings her enthusiasm and dance instruction expertise all over the world and is sure to get even the most skeptical person out on the dance floor.

Brooke & Company's Line Dance Video series are designed to teach you the most popular line dances in a fun and easy to learn style. Our videos are the perfect starting place for anyone who is interested in learning how to Line Dance and have everything you need to get you ready for your next big event whether it's a party, a wedding reception, or just a night out on the town. Join Brooke as she teaches you each dance Step-by-Step and proves that you don't have "Two Left Feet" after all!

Need to add something fun and exciting to your next group or corporate event? Brooke is available for hire to teach line dancing to groups ranging in size from 5 to 5000. Brooke has taught country line dancing and group exercise classes to all ages and abilities and sets out to make sure everyone recognizes that they too can learn from her simple, easy to follow and fun teaching style. She seeks to teach groups in a non-intimidating, confidence building way that will assist individuals in staying on the dance floor.

Meeting planners, entertainment companies, destination management companies, guest ranch owners and private group facilitators agree that when it comes to getting a group up and moving on the dance floor Brooke is the one that can make it happen. A genuine connection with the crowd, a warm smile, and Brooke’s simplistic teaching style are a sure way to bring success to any event. Don’t let the cowboy hat limit your planning, line dancing can be done to any kind of music and it's quite common for Brooke to give those city folks a taste of some good ole’ rock and roll or disco to enjoy the many dances available.